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The title says it all, we’ve got a wealth of activities for you to have an absolute blast this winter!

We take a mix of some of the more conventional ways to hit the slopes and sprinkle in some of the lesser known ways to enjoy the wintry conditions.

We’ve put together what a weekend may look like below. Remember, we want to make your winter break perfect, so feel free to mix it up!

Low, Mid & High Season Time Periods

Low Season

Quietest times to travel and you will almost have the mountains to yourselves. Same slopes, with more time spent on them!

Mid Season

Some of the best conditions for skiing & snowboarding. Ski & snowboard the best of Chamonix's 5 ski areas as it's meant to be done!

High Season

These are the most in-demand dates to visit Chamonix - and for good reason!! Look forward to celebrating with some of the best conditions and atmosphere the valley can offer.