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Snowshoeing is the practice of donning some winter waterproofs , attaching a large flat frame to the bottom of your boot and venturing across the wonderful tree lined paths of the mountains. As your surface area to the snow is larger, your weight is distributed over a bigger space. This means you can traverse across deep snow without sinking!

Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to keep fit in the mountains. As a low impact aerobic exercise, it will let hikers and runners keep going even when the snow has fallen. As an activity that can be done by all ages and abilities, snow shoeing is a sport that everyone can enjoy.

All equipment required for snow shoeing is of course provided, as well as expert local guides to take you across the best parts of the mountain that can otherwise be crowded in the summer.

If you can walk, you can snowshoe; it’s really that simple! Enquire today.

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