In depth customer reviews

I was slightly wary the first time I called up one of our travelers to see if they would chat to me about their vacation experience. It goes back to my summer of working in a call center as a student. Cold calling just isnít in my skillset. However, then I realised that these lovely people had taken time to write up a thoughtful, open and honest review on our site. People love to talk about their vacations. I should know; Iím a travel writer, for goodness sake. And from the first time I picked up the phone to one of our happy vacation makers, the concept of cold calling was turned to reassuringly warm, as people told stories, expressed emotions, shared and sighed as they remembered a smell, a taste or a gesture of kindness. They were all a delight to interview, most of them just back from the vacation, with the sand still at the bottom of their suitcase, their suntans still intact and their hiking, biking or even snowshoeing muscles still well oiled. And each one dreaming and discussing where to go next.

We hope that our vacations inspire people to live their dreams and have life-enriching adventures.