Our views on nature

Responsible Travel is an activist travel company. We screen every vacation on our site against our responsible travel criteria.

For nature this includes ensuring that trips have high animal welfare standards, reduce waste where possible, limit their environmental impact, protect/advocate for biodiversity and support responsible conservation projects.

We've campaigned against many unethical 'nature' based experiences - for example orca circuses, zoos, turtle hatcheries where hatchlings are kept in tanks, and elephant sanctuaries where riding and entertainment practices take place.

Liaising with, and researching alongside our members and their partners on the ground, as well as external NGOs and experts is key to remaining up-to-date. We continually update our policies and findings to ensure they remain current.

Please see below for our views on the latest ethical dilemmas and issues concerning nature, including plastics and tourism, the future of cruises and saying no to fake snow, as well as all our up-to-date policies on wildlife and captive/domesticated animals.

Habitats and ecosystems


Captive and domesticated animals

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