How tourism can help save the places we cannot afford to lose

Around the world nature is in crisis. Habitats and wildlife are being lost an unprecedented rate. When we lose these natural habitats it causes problems for biodiversity, for carbon sequestration, and consequently, for human societies. But could tourism help reverse this process? By adding crucial economic value to preserving natural spaces, tourism can offer nature positive alternatives to more destructive land uses.

We believe that we all need to fly less, and that when we do fly we need to stay longer in our destination and make our vacation count. Nature positive vacations can offer a vital opportunity for us to directly benefit wildlife and habitats worldwide.

Our living map above will guide you through some of the most important places on the planet from key carbon sinks to the habitats of endangered orang-utans. Click on each to discover how tourism is actively restoring, protecting and fighting for nature.

Going forwards we'll continue to add more and more stories of nature positive tourism as we uncover them.