Our views on community and equality

Responsible Travel is an activist travel company. We screen our vacations for their commitment to local communities and equality. This includes providing good working conditions, fair wages and training opportunities for staff; supporting local projects and people; and spreading the tourism income locally to those most in need.

We regularly speak out on issues such as overtourism and the impact of tourism on local communities. We liaise with, and research key issues alongside our members and their partners, as well as external NGOs. We are continually updating our work.

Our Trip for a Trip scheme is a key part of our work on equality. Every time you book a vacation via Responsible Travel, if you wish, we will fund a child from a disadvantaged background to experience a day out as a tourist.

Please see below for our views on the latest ethical dilemmas and issues concerning community and equality, including overtourism, accessible tourism and responsible volunteering.

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