Community, Equality and Responsible Travel

As an activist travel company, we promote vacations that aim to improve the lives of local people in communities around the world and contribute to reducing poverty. This means ensuring that as much of the economic benefit from your trip is felt by the people who need it most: those in the destinations. It also means that we aim to stand up to inequality too, aiming to support trips and members that are breaking down barriers and helping to celebrate and elevate minority groups.

Our Trip for a Trip scheme is a key part of our work on equality. Every time you book a vacation via Responsible Travel, if you wish, we will fund a child from a disadvantaged background to experience a day out as a tourist would.

Below you can read tips on how to travel responsibly and respectfully, in a way that benefits local communities and maximises equality for all. You can also read in depth about our views on issues such as tourism and gender, accessible tourism, LGBT travel and much more.