Covid 19 and refunds

Responsible Travel acts as marketing platform for over 400 typically small and specialist tour operators from around the world.

We do not take any bookings, or any money from customers. We do not hold deposits or any money from customers.

Bookings are made directly between customers and the tour operators, and as per our terms and conditions agreements are made between these two parties.

All of our tour operator members are struggling on an hourly basis to do the right thing by customers, and to stay in business. If they put themselves in a position where they become illiquid and go out of business, they will not be able to refund every customer. Neither will they be able to honour credit notes that other customers have agreed to, or deliver customers' vacations booked in the future.

Their positions on refunds vary depending on their circumstances. Every customer is being treated individually; many are leaving deposits with our members, or are booking for a later time. However, we acknowledge that this is a very difficult situation for some customers who want or need a refund.

It is also very tough for our members who don't want to let customers down; are mostly small, and have local staff and residents in tourism destinations who are dependent on them. Unfortunately no perfect solutions are on hand in these totally unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances. At Responsible Travel we will work hard to help customers and our members find the best solutions in the circumstances.

Written by Justin Francis