Travel agent section on Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel has dealt with travel agents since launching in 2001. We have a dedicated section on the site where travel agents receive 10% commission on bookings.

We offer over 900 vacations operated by 75 of our partners. They will suit active travelers, who value the authenticity that results from trips that support local communities and conservation. The vacations are broken down into the following categories;

Accommodation only

Winter activity

What makes the vacations responsible?

Every trip has been screened for responsible tourism by us. We also believe our vacations are more enjoyable. When a trip benefits others, you gain too. All our trips support communities and preserve nature - which helps you get closer to both.

Terms and conditions

The contract is between your travel agency and our partner who is running the vacation. Any payments must be made to them, we do not handle payments. They will pay you the agreed commission directly.

Our partner will confirm their own processes, terms and conditions on a specific booking and your responsibilities and liabilities as a agent to your customer remain unaffected.

We work with operators based all around the world and most would not be able to offer flight inclusive packages

Travel agents do not receive our customer repeat booking loyalty discounts in addition to the commission.

Choosing the right trip

If you have any questions or you'd like help finding the right vacation for your customer please either call 01273 823 700 or e-mail