Don’t miss the BBC’s Wildlife Photography Awards 2023, plus some inspiration from Responsible Travel!

Many of us love to take photographs of the local wildlife when we go on vacation. And nowadays, because the cameras on smartphones are so advanced, lack of expertise or expensive equipment is no barrier to taking attractive, memorable images. In fact, travelers on our photography vacations are often amazed at what they can do just with their phones, with a little advice from their guides.

The Wildlife Photography Awards 2023, organised by BBC Wildlife magazine, has an entire category dedicated to images taken with camera phones. This year’s awards are sponsored by the Belize Tourism Board, which is offering a spectacular vacation to Belize in Central America as a prize. Photographers will be in their element in Belize, where there’s a stunning range of wildlife including tapirs, eagles, jaguars, pumas and crocodiles on display across vast coral reefs, tropical rainforest, and national parks.

If you’re interested in submitting some of your own photographs, then the award categories are:

• Portraits   • Behaviour   • Plants & Fungi   • Environment   • Camera Phone

The deadline for entries is 23:59pm on Sunday 17th September, and shortlisted images will go to a public vote from Friday 6th October. The winner from each category will receive a prize bundle from outdoor adventure equipment specialists Regatta. The lucky overall winner will enjoy a vacation for two to Belize, with many opportunities to practise their photography skills on walks and boat trips led by expert wildlife guides.

For a little inspiration, our talented bunch of amateur photographers have put some images from our own travels around the world below. Some of them could be of interest to the awards judges! Others… perhaps not. But wildlife photography isn’t just about winning prizes. It’s about appreciating the natural world, having fun, and hopefully making your friends really jealous.

We’d love to see your own efforts too, so please do send them over to us at, and let us know if you’d be happy for us to share them on Instagram or Facebook.

So, as the fishermen say to the crocodiles in Belize, from the safety of their boats… happy snapping!

Responsible Travel Co-Founder and CEO Justin captured this beautiful six-spot burnet moth:

Black moth with bright red spots and a blue body on a purple flower

Our Account Manager, Shannon, saw this squirrel monkey on the Bolivian pampas while on sabbatical this year:

Monkey with yellow limbs, grey body and darker grey head, stopped on a paved path, looking at the camera

Our Editor Jo spotted this bird on her Argentina vacation:

Brown crested caracara bird of prey perched on top of a fence post

Sam, our Designer and incredibly talented photographer, gave us this lovely shot of the macaques, or snow monkeys, of Japan:

Snow monkey with wet brown fur, a pink face and eyes closed resting against rocks while two other monkeys groom it and snow falls

Customer Director Tim captured this camera-shy lion cub on his recent safari vacation in South Africa:

Close-up of a light coloured lion cub lying on the ground with a paw covering its face

Abbie, of our fab Travel Team, snapped these orcas during her incredible Antarctica cruise:

Two black and white orca in blue water, one starting to dive

These cute fox cubs use the garden of Lyn, our ace Finance Manager, as a playground:

Four foxes lazing on a lawn and a fifth standing next to them on a brick path

Operations Director Richard photographed this… we think it’s a dolphin, off the Isle of Wight:

Grey seascape with the small dark shape of a dolphin in the distance

Account Manager Sophie was lucky enough to get a photo of Cecil the seal, a recent visitor to Brighton beach:

Contented looking seal lies on a pebble beach

Writer Rob’s wildlife photos are often the subject of mockery in the office, but that’s fine, he knows it comes from a place of envy. He also found seals, this time off Ramsey Island Nature Reserve in Wales:

Slightly blurry photo of a seal with its head out of the water, looking at camera with a surprised expression

To have a go at taking your own photos, take a look at our wildlife vacations or join a wildlife photography tour.